Random Friday the 13th

I have been a very bad blogger over the last week or two and I am sorry. I will do better.

Anyway, today is Friday the 13th (cue the Twilight Zone music). I have never had anything really bad happen on this particular day, so it doesn’t bother me. How about you?

We got up and traveled to my parent’s house today and the first thing Evan wanted to do is build his skeleton model. I had to dig deep in my brain to remember all the bones I learned in Anatomy class, but I taught him the real names. I was proud.


I finally went to the doctor so he could look at my moles. My doctor said he wasn’t going to touch them and referred me to a dermatologist for punch biopsies on August 9th. No bueno. Weird to think I might have skin cancer. Oh well, life goes on.

I had a grand idea while I was snacking on the devil’s food:

I am going to start collecting turtles again. Aaron bought me this for my 18th birthday:

and I have loved the little boogers ever since. I found these two jewels in my old closet:

20120713-144149.jpg  and yes, that is a taxodermied turtle on the left. I am so weird!

I probably need to put the devil food down and pick up the book I bought yesterday:



I almost forgot! I am doing an experiment with my shellac fingernail polish, and if it works, I will post about it next week.


What do you think?