My Latest Obsession

Ok, you all know that I run like a wild banshee and I have been training for a half marathon for the last 6 weeks.  I love to run and I wish I could do it everyday, but I can’t.  I am old and my weak joints and tendons are injury prone.  That being said, I am also trying to lose about 5 more pounds to reach my super vain goal of 140.  After I reach that goal I will head towards my all time lowest adult weight of 136, when I was 18. But over the last month I have hit a plateau.  I cannot not seem to break the 144.5-146 area.  So I started thinking…

I love a good run day because I can eat a lot of food without feeling guilty.  I count every single calorie I put in my mouth and when I get down to 100 for the day, I get sad.  One of the reasons I haven’t dropped any more pounds is because I have been cheating on my non-run days, by going over my daily allowance by a hundred or so calories.  I needed a good cardio exercise I could do that won’t mess up my running.

Ta-da: mountain biking!  There are plenty of dirt roads and trails around my house, so I started looking at bikes.  Well, did you know that mountain bikes are expensive?  You can spend $5,000 on a bike easy.  Er, I don’t have that kind of cash on hand.  I also realized that there is a whole new vocabulary when it comes to bicycles.  I was lost after about ten minutes.

I waltzed into my local cycle shop last Thursday, and declared that I may want to try mountain biking, but I had no idea what I needed or if I even liked bicycles.  Jann took 15 minutes walking me through all the components of a real mountain bike and told me to come back on Saturday.  She was going to have a loaner ready for me and I could keep it until Tuesday.  I liked the idea of a test ride.

Well, I absolutely loved riding the bike.  It was thrilling, so when I went back yesterday, I got this:


It is a 2011 Trek Skye SL and fits me perfect.  It isn’t anywhere close to the top of the line, but it isn’t bottom of the barrel either.  Jann said it was the perfect bike for what I wanted to do and I trust her.  By the way, bikes are just like cars, if you buy last year’s model, it will be cheaper.

Here is a better picture of the bike so you can see the khaki detailing:

I rode 4 miles Saturday, 6 miles Sunday, 8 miles Monday, and 9 miles Tuesday.  I ran 8 miles Saturday, 2 miles Monday, and 7 miles today and the two activities do not interfere with each other at all.  The bicycle is going to be the magic pill for busting over this nasty plateau.

What do you think?