High Voltage {Gelish}

I tried a little experiment and so far it is working beautifully.

I have been using the CND Shellac products for quite awhile. The other day at the beauty supply joint, they had this new stuff, Gelish. Same concept: soak off nail polish that lasts for weeks. Well, the stuff is $15 per bottle and I really didn’t want to buy all new top and base coats for a few extra colors.

I matched CND Shellac base and top coats with Gelish color. This picture was taken 4 days after application:


It does have a little wear on the tips, but no chips or lifting. It should last a full 7 days, and that is really the longest I can stand one color anyway. I think we have a winner! Now, I have to pick what pink color I want next!


What do you think?