Yippee for Chickens!

I love me some chickens.  I love to watch them peck around and just be awesome.  Did you know they are one of the closest known descendants of dinosaurs?  I like to set back and pretend I am running a mini Jurassic Park.  It’s ok, I know I am weird.

Did you also know that when you let chickens free range, they are natural bug eaters.  I haven’t had to spray for bugs in years.  We have about 40 random chickens wandering around our ranch just taking it easy and eating spiders and ticks.  When we move into our new house, across the road, I want to have a real chicken coup with rare breeds.  By real chicken coup, I mean at least a half an acre that is fenced in to keep the hawks and coyotes out.

I am looking at a few breeds to raise and here are my top 5:

Barred Hollands






Here are a few photos of our random chickens:

Trying to walk a high wire.

Chicken in the bread pan, picking out dough.

I just like this hen.

I threw some corn out on the ground and this is what I got.

My favorite of the bunch.




What do you think?