Arkansas Razorbacks New 2012 Uniforms

The Arkansas Razorbacks released their 2012 football uniforms today.  Most old people spoke negatively of changing of the uniforms because they didn’t want to deviate from our traditional colors of cardinal red and white.  I am 30 and I was all for a little excitement.  I mean, you can only do so much with red and white.

Arkansas Razorback Football Uniforms

Every team is looking for an edge.  Something to make a statement and I think the addition of the charcoal gray uniform was just right.

As a woman, I appreciate the little details.  Look at the shiny trim on the front and the silver lightening bolts on the shoulders.

I also love the helmets (insert Nutt joke here).  Honestly, I like the red one the most, but the white is pretty sharp too.  Most of the criticism in the helmet department goes to the Hog on the white helmet not “popping” enough, but if the Hog was all red, it would look tacky.

It was funny listening to all the old men on the talk radio stations discuss fashion today.  I wouldn’t dare call in and tell them all how silly they sounded, I’m just a little girl.

80 days until we take the field again. I. Can. Not. Wait. WPS.

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