LockStars Soy Candles


While at the Bean2Blog Event we were introduced to many soy products, but my favorite were the candles.  This is sad, and I can’t believe I am going to admit this, but I didn’t even know there was a such thing as soy candles.  I know, I know, I guess I have been under a rock.
Allen introduced us to Ron and Connie Locke, owners of LockStars Soy Candles, from Lonoke, AR.  They are a husband and wife team that has developed over 100 fragrances for these long burning joys since 2002.  They hand melt, pour, wick, and label every single candle.

This is the soywax before it is melted.  It is little flakes, that smell pretty good on their own.

No, this isn’t vegetable oil, it is the hot soywax before color or scent is added.

LockStars Soy Candles smell heavenly.  One of their most popular scents is named “Butt Naked,” but I feel in love with the Baby Powder, Fresh Linen, and Lemon Zest varieties.  Soywax candles burn 2-3 times longer than your ordinary petroleum-based paraffin candle and also don’t produce that black soot around the rim of the jar.  Don’t you just hate relighting a candle and getting that black stuff on your hand?!?!
The most important benefit of soywax candles is that they are made from soybeans, and who grows soybeans? AMERICAN FARMERS! I love a product that is made from a renewable resource and strengthens our country’s economy.
This is also going to show my stupidity, but did you know you aren’t supposed to blow a candle out? You are supposed to submerge the wick in the hot soywax to extinguish the flame and re-coat it with the soywax.  Learn something new everyday!
You can order LockStars Soy Candles from their website, like them on FaceBook, and follow them on Twitter!
I was given a free candle by LockStars Soy Candles at the Bean2Blog Event, but was not asked to author this post and will not be compensated.  My experience and opinions regarding the soywax candles are my own.


  1. LockeStar Candles are the very best candles. I have tried many until I found LockeStar. Now I will not waste my money on any other candle. Ron & Connie Locke owners. When I lived at Benton Ar. my husband & I have gone to Lonoke to get candles.I no longer live there I will have to call in my orders.I now live in Roland Ok. 4 miles west of Ft Smith Ar.I will call for an up dated list of fragrance,if I may?

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  4. I am Patsy Parks formally of Benton Ar I got a divorce Have my former name back “Montgomery” I live at 109 Roberts Loop Roland Ok 74954.I only buy Lock Star Candles from Ron & Connie Locke .I really need an updated fragrant list of candles, oil, and every thing.Will you please mail me a list including gadgets like lamp ring’s and if you now make fragrant’s for the smaller light…I hope you can figure what I mean. I apologize ,I know what I want but can’t remember the names.You can e mail me if you need. Thank you,Pat (Parks} Montgomery.


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