Garden Planning Time!

In Arkansas, the average last freeze is on March 22.  We always wait until the first weekend in April to plant our live plants, so you haven’t waited too late, es.

If you have never planted a garden, but want to, there are many, many resources available to you.  Every state has a cooperative extension that is completely full of facts and advice.  The state of Arkansas has a great site that has a home and garden section.

I also love P. Allen Smith.  His garden home is here in Arkansas, so I am able to follow his blog and try to copy a few of his ideas around my farm.  Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?  There are also a lot of crafty things on his site, decorating ideas, and most importantly garden tips.

When planning your garden, consult the hardiness zone map and plant what you like to eat.  Get the kids involved and they will really want to eat what they have grown.  Even if you just have a flower bed, you have enough room to plant a few veggies.

If you have any questions, just leave them in the comment section below, I will try to answer them for you!

ALSO, when you plant, allow a few extra plants for a family in need.  A fresh basket of veggies goes a long way in feeding a family and they won’t feel like a charity case if you brag about how good your garden is doing and that you couldn’t possibly eat everything before it ruins.

What do you think?