Ross Foundation Hike

>Today Aaron and I went on a beautiful 6 mile hike into the wilderness of The Ross Foundation.  It was 61 degrees when we started the hike and a lovely 67 when we finished 2.5 hours later.  We know the Foundation lands pretty well, so we usually stay off the roads and trails and weave our way to wherever we might wish to go that day.

The path we made up today was moderately challenging at some points (rock climbing) and easy at others.  I enjoy the exercise, but I don’t want to be so strained that we can’t talk back and forth and have a good time.  Hiking is a really wonderful way to connect with nature, God, and your spouse.  Check out a few pictures I took:

This is how the first half of the hike went: up, up, up!

Only one of the many mini-waterfalls we passed.

Show off.  He has goat feet.  Mine are more sheep-like.

Top of the hill.  Can’t really see much, but the next hill over.

I climbed that.

I made him stand still, so I could take his picture.

Wonder how long it took the water to cut through the rock like that…

What do you think?