How to Shellac Your Nails


I absolutely love the CND Shellac nail system.  I have been going to the nail salon and getting my nails shellacked for a while now.  At $50 per visit, I started brainstorming at ways to cut this cost down.  I decided to buy my own supplies and see if I could do it myself.  The initial investment is pretty steep, but after a few applications, it pays for itself.  
I absolutely love shellac because you can apply the color and it lasts for at least 14 days! It also helps if you have thinner nails and want to grow your own nails out. Instead of getting those pesky fake nails that end up making your real nails even more thin, shellac them.  As you will quickly find out, if you can paint your nails decently, you can shellac them.  Yippee!
First, you will need to gather your supplies.  You must have a piece of cosmetic cotton, at least 91% rubbing alcohol, the CND UV Lamp:
A bottle of Shellac UV Color (I picked Tutti Frutti)
After you get all of your supplies ready, let us get started!
1. Cut and shape your nails to whatever length and shape that suits your fancy.  Make sure they are clean and dry.
2.  Apply base coat and cure each hand for 10 seconds in the UV lamp using program A.
3.  Apply first layer of color and cure each hand for 90 seconds in the UV lamp using program B.
4.  Apply second layer of color and cure each hand for 120 seconds in the UV lamp using program C.
5.  Apply top coat and cure each hand for 180 seconds in the UV lamp using program D.
6.  Using the cosmetic cotton and 91% rubbing alcohol, rub each nail to remove sticky film.
That’s it! You are completely finished and ready to fold clothes, wash dishes, or change a diaper immediately.
Here is the Tutti Frutti I chose:
Here a few quick tips:
-Don’t paint outside the lines.  I normally just throw the polish on and after my next shower, scrape off the excess.  You can’t do that with shellac.  Take your time and paint them right.
-When you apply the base coat, try to keep it as thin and smooth as possible.  Don’t apply this layer thick.
-Keep the color layers thin, but make sure you get the color coverage you want.  This may mean going back over the nail a few times with the brush before you cure each hand.
Hope this helps you get the most out of your shellac system and let me know how it goes for you!

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