Hooked on Fishin, Not on Drugs

In 1986, a 14 year old started a program with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission called Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs.

I was in kindergarten that year and Aaron was in first grade.  It was all the rage, and both of us being from outdoorsy families, we got hooked on fishing.  Well, last Saturday (after the 5k) Aaron test drove a duck boat and decided we needed the sweet little thing:
The smaller boat is actually perfect for quick trips around this end of the lake, so we took it out for an hour or so this afternoon.
John David is a trill seeker and loves boat rides.
Evan just wants to be like his Daddy.
I mean, the program worked for my husband and I so, when the boys get older and someone offers them some crack, I want them to say, “Nah, lets go fishing.”

What do you think?