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Here is a run down of the magical lists I have made so far:

This week I chose to list 5 Things That take me to my happy place.  Making the list transported me to a happy place, so this week was very therapeutic.

5 Things That Take Me To My Happy Place

1. Running

     This sounds sick doesn’t it.  I can honestly say, I never would have imagined that this would be my number one escape mechanism.  But, think it through.  When you are running, you are free.  There are no kids hollering at me, no one is asking me to find anything.  Every worry of the world diminishes with every single step I take.  It has also been scientifically proven that exercise puts your body into endorphin producing overdrive.  That means that everything in the world is just a-ok.

2. Fishing
     I love to go fishing.  I love to pole fish.  I love to jug fish.  I love to yo-yo.  I love to trout line.  I love everything involved with being on the lake and fishing.  Good thing we only live 1.5 miles from Lake DeGray and have 3 stocked ponds on our farm.  In the spring, Aaron and I go out on the lake and fish in the dark all night long.  It is so much fun.  Nature just relaxes me to the max.  Something about watching the sun rise of the lake that just puts me in the right state of mind for weeks.

3. Cleaning
     I love to clean.  I feel a sense of accomplishment after I finish cleaning the toilet or shower.  I break our house into zones and after a zone has successfully been defeated, I celebrate.

4. Sex
     Sorry Mom and any other relative that reads this.  Sex is a beautiful, magical, and fun event.  God told us to have sex with our spouses.  Enjoy it!  It is the probably the cheapest, easiest way to get to a happy place and you get to bring el hubbo with you.  Two birds killed with one stone. Bam!

5. Making My Husband Happy
     Ok, as you can guess, I didn’t come up with that one.  I was having trouble coming up with number 5, so I asked my husband what he thought made me happy.  I love my husband and things seem to go better when he is happy, but uh, yeah, I am going to leave this one alone 🙂


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