5 Photos that Reflect the Essence of “You”


Week 5 of Moments That Define Life’s {Listable Life} is upon us! 
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Here is a run down of the lists I have made so far:
This week I chose to list 5 Photos that Reflect the Essence of “You.”
This picture was taken at the 2011 Southwest Classic in Dallas, TX at Cowboys Stadium.  Not only is the man of my dreams in the picture, but also my favorite football team.  I love NCAA football and most importantly, I love the Arkansas Razorbacks.  I spend more of my time doing something football related than pretty much anything else.
I am a hard worker and not afraid of heavy machinery.
I love to laugh and crack jokes.  (In the second picture, take a close look at my teeth)
I have my head in the clouds.  No matter how things are going around me, I am always looking up.
I am a really big geek.  I love all things biology related and I am pretty smart when it comes to that kind of stuff.

What do you think?