My Mom picked up the boys this morning.  She wanted to make sure all the yucky germs were gone before she exposed them to Opa.  He is 87 and a stomach virus is not what he needs.  On our way home, Aaron checked his little traps and look what he caught!
Is that little raccoon not the cutest thing!  I am smitten!  I want to keep it as a pet.  Aaron put it in a larger pen and is still deciding.  I am pretty sure, if I got it out it would rip my face off, but those eyes are precious.
I ran my 3 miles this morning in 32 minutes and 45 seconds.  Not back to my normal pace, but getting better.  Retraining after an injury is harder than it sounds.  Boooooo injuries.
Aaron cut some more wood and I loaded it in the truck and stacked it.  I am a beast.

After all that hard work, I put my face on and we went to a local restaurant, The Fish Net, to pig out.  You know you are at a good southern restaurant, when they bring out coleslaw, brown beans, tomato relish, and hush puppies before your appetizer.  I had a nice plate of alligator, grilled shrimp, and grilled catfish.  I now feel like I weigh 500 pounds and it feels good.

What do you think?