Saturday Fun Day


I. AM. SO. SORE.  I can barely walk.  I could barely wash my hair this morning.  My armpits are sore.  MY ARMPITS! You can read why from my post yesterday.
I made myself walk 3 miles this morning.  I was so stowed up in the bed, I knew I had to move to relieve some of the tension.  I felt better afterwards, but my arms are still basically useless.
Since I was so broke down, I knew I need a lot of lean protein today.  What a great excuse to go eat some awesome sashimi.  The Razorbacks were playing Michigan, so we made it a date.  That’s the game on the background.
We beat those silly wolverines by 2 points.  Whoooo Piiiiiiig Soooooooooooie!
Anywho, we went a few other places and on the way home stopped by Kroger to get some dinner.  They had oysters!  Holla!  Lean protein that is so, so good.
Before dinner, I took a nap with my little cuddle buddy:
And I woke up to a dozen fresh shucked oysters.  Aaron is so good to me.
What did you do today?

What do you think?