Random Monday


Today was pretty boring.  It was warm outside but cloudy and dreary. Booooooooo
Aaron wanted bacon and eggs for brunch.  Really? Doesn’t he realize I am trying to watch what I eat.  It would be a winner if I was counting carbs, but I am counting calories and a 400+ brunch is not what I had in mind.  Oh well, I just went for a jog to make up for it.
My running shoes are so sad.  Hopefully I will find a good replacement pair tomorrow while we are out shopping.
Around 2 one of our goats went into labor.  How exciting.  We crept into the pen to watch, but Casper just loves me and wouldn’t leave me alone.
Excuse me darling, but I think you have something hanging out of your vagina.  
She successfully delivered two little boys.  Little baby goats are so funny and precious.
I also wanted to share one of my favorite low calorie snacks.  Cauliflower and jalapenos.  Crunchy and spicy.  Yum-o-rama.

What do you think?