The Pursuit of Brown

Since I have decided to eliminate the color black from my wardrobe I have been on the pursuit of the perfect jacket, shirts, and shoes…

I have found two of those today.
I scored an awesome Patagonia Jacket for $60 off.  It is slim fit and windproof.  Yes, windproof. How cool is that?  It is a warm coat that functions as awesome as the huge bulky technical coats, but is beautiful and a little dressy.  It fits my new earthly wardrobe perfectly.  Outdoor performance that comes in a ladylike package.
I also purchased these little burlap beauties.  I am so happy. 
Evan and I are also going to the eye doctor tomorrow.  We need to have Evan’s eyes checked because of the migraines.  Just need to really see if they are migraines or if the poor child can’t see a lick.  I know I am going to need glasses. I can’t see and the last time I had my eyes checked, I was prescribed glasses, but I never wore them.  I have been thinking I should get some like this:
or maybe:
Ha! Those were actual pairs of glasses that my Mom has worn in the past.  She was so cool.
Really I want these glasses:
But, they are $375 and insurance only pays $125.  Boooooo.  I noticed them the other day when I was cleaning and saw this chick on The Young and the Restless:

Do you wear glasses? How did you pick yours out?

What do you think?