Fruit Enzyme Microscrub


Do you use a scrub to exfoliate on a regular basis?  
I do.  I have used many, many different brands of scrubs from department and drug stores.  I have even made my own scrubs out of the most random materials.  With all my scrubbing experience, I honestly wasn’t really looking forward this is product review.  I mean, a scrub is a scrub right?
WRONG! I have never used anything like the Fruit Enzyme Micro Scrub.  It is a soft cream with natural papaya, mango, orange, and pineapple fruit enzymes and microdermabrasion crystals.  It smells a little fruity, but not overpowering.  You know how most scrubs are, well, sandy or gritty and feel like you are sandpapering your skin?  This scrub is fine and smooth.  It actually feels good, but still gets that old, nasty, dead skin off.
It is January and I know you have dull, dry, winter skin.  Seriously, get this scrub!  I started with my face and it felt so smooth afterwards, I scrubbed everywhere.  It is so creamy, I didn’t have to use lotion after my shower.  Also, if you are worried about only getting 2 oz, a little dab goes a LONG way.  See the picture:
That is all I used to scrub my ENTIRE body.  The creamy base allows this scrub to spread easily.
This scrub would also be perfect before you hit the beach for the first time this year.
I was provided this product from at no cost to myself.  I am very grateful for the opportunity and all opinions expressed above are my own.

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