Free To Be Me

>I read something today in my Joyce Meyer devotional:

“One of the greatest freedoms God has given me is the freedom to be me.  For years I tried to be something I wasn’t, feeling like I needed to be like this or like that, all the while knowing I wasn’t like everyone else.  Yet, I kept trying to be like others until I learned through my relationship with God who He created me to be.  This also set me free from me, so I can focus on Jesus and reaching out to others the way He wants me to.”

Can I get an amen?  I can honestly say that this is a freedom that God has given me over the last two years.

It is ok to just be me. I am pretty awesome.  There is no reason for me to try to “be like” anyone else.  God has called me to do things and striving to be another woman is not one of them.

I am not perfect.

I am not the queen of fashion.

I am not the queen of home decor.

I am not the queen of DIY projects.

I am not the knower of all things.

I am me.  God loves me and you should too!

What do you think?