Christina Aguilera


Evan’s Nubian goat, Lady Gaga, had her baby today.  Aaron named her Christina Aguilera.  Yeah, I know he is weird.  I guess every baby in this lineage will have a singers name.  Anyway, like most dairy goats, she doesn’t have a very good motherly instinct, so she just had her and walked away.  So weird. 
Well, we now have a baby goat living in the house with us.  We have an extra large dog create sitting next to the fireplace lined with puppy pads.  We have to bottle feed her every 8 hours and Aaron holds her in his lap.  The boys just love her. Willow, not so much…
We are so wild.
In other news, I have damaged my second phalange doing CrossFit or running.  It doesn’t hurt, just looks odd.  Seriously, how do you bruise your second phalange?

What do you think?