5 Things on My Bucket List {Listable Life}

>It is Tuesday and since the last two weeks have been so much fun, here is my contribution to:

You still have time to link up.  It is pretty fun, so why don’t you click the picture above and make a list. It is quite rewarding for list-lovers like myself. 
This week, I chose to list 5 things on my Bucket List, so here it is!

1. Drive The Dalton Highway in Alaska

Dalton’s Highway is a 414 mile road from just north of Fairbanks to Deadhorse, Alaska.  When you get to the end you can run and jump into the Arctic Ocean.  How cool is that.  If you have ever watched Ice Road Truckers, this is that road, but we won’t be traveling it during the winter, that is just a little too crazy.

2. Travel Italy
This really doesn’t need very much explanation.  I want to start at the northern most tip and travel to the southern most tip.  I want to be Italian when I grow up, so I am trying to convince the hubs that we should sell the farm and head over for good.  He isn’t going along with it for now…

3. Write a book

I don’t know what this book is going to be about.  I just want the satisfaction of holding 100+ pages that I have written bound together with a very flattering air brushed picture of myself on the back cover.

4. Organize a live nativity scene

I actually had a dream two years ago about this.  In the dream, we took one of our pastures and turned it into a large reproduction of Bethlehem.  It was so neat.  We already have all the animals.  This is something that I seriously want to do in the next 5 years.

5. Win the lottery

Well, duh who doesn’t want to win the lottery…

What do you think?