10 Songs From My Youth {Listable Life}

>This is a link up from Moments that Define Life.  She is awesome, you should check her out.


She gave us a prompt last week and since I love, love, love music here are 10 songs from my youth:

1.  Fishin In the Dark  – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
          Honestly, this was my first favorite song.  I remember tent camping with my parents and older brother at Buckville on Lake Ouachita and this song coming on the radio.  I thought it sounded so nice to fish in the dark with a boyfriend.  Swoon.  Also, the band opened for The Judds, my first concert ever.  Side note: I am afraid of the dark, but for some reason, fishing with my husband is the only activity I can participate in after dark.

2.  Blue Moon Over Kentucky – Bill Monroe
          Growing up we used to drive to Destin almost every weekend.  I thought the beach was magical.  I was so white and sunburned every time, but I loved our little family get aways.  We were so cool.  I was the only kid in my small little elementary school that ever left the state.  Anyway, my dad loved Bill Monroe.  We listened to one of his tapes and George Jones over and over and over and over.  I can still sing every word.

3.  White Lightening – George Jones
          See #2.

4.  She Stopped Loving Her Today – George Jones
          See #2, but for some reason this song spoke to me.  I could only imagine a love so strong that even after she left, he still loved her.  I guess this would inspire my inner romantic…

5.  Looking Out My Back Door – Creedence Clearwater Revival
           The first tape my dad ever bought for me was Creedence Clearwater Revival.  He said I should like the good music from his youth, not the trash that was on the radio now.  Somehow, I always knew that the guy singing this song was on drugs.  Happy drugs, not the bad ones.

6.  Heart Shaped Box – Nirvana
        I loved Kurt.  I wore black for weeks after he died.  My mom hated him.  It was a phase, but I still have them on my playlist.  I was so against the establishment.  That was so cool for a sweet southern girl to be goth.

7.  Down In a Hole – Alice in Chains
          Also, Chains were apart of my alternative phase.  I love the harmony that Chains put out.  I loved the guitars.  I loved the crazy videos.

8.  Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden
          We didn’t have cable at out house, but my grandparents did and I would watch MTV there.  That was back when they actually showed videos.  There was a time of the day that only showed alternative videos and I loved it.  I remember so clearly when my grandmother walked in and watched about 20 seconds of this video and she told me I would go to hell if I kept watching that kind of rubbish.  I felt so cool.

9.  I Cross My Heart – George Strait
          I watched Pure Country with my husband and this instantly became our song.  I still get misty eyed when it comes on.

10. Crazy Girl – Eli Young Band
          Ok, this is a current song, but I am still young, so this is still my youth.  Shut up, do not judge me.  Have you seen the video?  It is perfect for me and the hubs.  Basically, the girl is in a lock down psychiatric unit and the guy breaks her out.  My husband works with psychiatric patients and he loves me.  See perfect.


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