A Wonderful Ending to 2011

>We have had a wonderful, wonderful ending to 2011!

I was able to clean the whole house today.  I know that may sound crazy to some of you, but since I have started school, it has been so hard for me to clean like I want.  I am a clean freak (thanks Mom) and I love order.  My house has been CRAZY for the last semester and I finally got to clean it.  I finally got to put up all the fall clothes, dust pictures, clean out old toys, etc. etc.  It felt so good.

The second thing that made the day wonderful is that Aaron and I got to work outside together.  We cut about a rick of wood.  A rick of wood is a stack that is 4’x4’x8′.  Aaron operates the chainsaw and I go behind him to pick up the pieces.  My squatting muscles and arm muscles are going to be sore tomorrow!

We have no plans for tonight.  We are going to ring in the New Year from the couch with the kids and Willow, probably with the east coast 🙂

Stay safe tonight and wrap up 2011 in a wonderful way!

What do you think?