Merry Christmas Adam!

>You know, because Adam came before Eve.

Collect yourself, I know it was an awesome joke.

I realized this afternoon that I had not had my children’s picture taken with Santa. I tried to talk myself out of going to the mall, I tried to rationalize being a bad parent, but I gave in.

I never remember setting on Santa’s lap in a mall.  I do have one awesome memory that I am saving for Christmas day.  Just wait, you will love it 🙂 Anyway, back to my day…

It is like the crowds parted when I arrived at the mall.  There was absolutely no wait for Santa and we were completely done with the whole process in 20 minutes. Winning!

Random: I want to go to Tokyo when the boys are 15 and 13.  I should start saving now, lol.

What do you think?