Attitude Adjustment

>I did not want to go to church this morning. That is sad isn’t it? I just felt so burnt out. But, God worked it out for me. I thought I was going to have to serve for both services, but two random volunteers showed up! Aaron and I got to attend service together for the first time in weeks. And something amazing happened.

There was a lady setting two rows behind us, singing her heart out. She wasn’t on key and missed a few of the words, but she was truly praising Jesus with all she had. When we all turned to shake the hand of someone we didn’t come with, I turned around and almost melted.

I recognized her. I met her almost a year ago at the Train Depot in Hot Springs. She was homeless. Our Pastor talks about being wrecked by got and I thought I understood what he meant before, but I seriously get it now.

I was so ashamed. This lady, by the world’s standards, had almost nothing, but she had something I wanted. She was on fire for God. For the rest of the worship time, I just listened to her sing. She had the most beautiful voice I had ever heard.

I have nothing to complain about. I have almost nothing to worry about, but I was too wrapped up in myself to give God a little of my time. Going to church is not a chore. Serving God is not a chore. But that is what I was making it. Just another task to complete and mark off my to do list.

She also got baptized this morning. It is so neat that God can use ordinary, unsuspecting people to minister to others. She has no clue how much she changed my heart this morning, but I will never forget.

What do you think?