Sweet Saturday


What did you do on this fine Saturday?  I did absolutely nothing of importance.  I ran, washed a few dishes, washed some clothes, went into Hot Springs, came home, and then watched the Hogs play. Exciting, I know.
We got a new all organic, all vegan, all natural store here in Bismarck.  I was so excited when it opened and now I can’t stop going.  They have the best dried bananas, dried vegetable chips, hummus, raw nuts, and snacks of all other varieties.  On my routine weekly snack stock up, a little beauty caught my eye.  I have almost cute sugar out of my diet completely, but I decided to make an exception for this:
As soon as I saw it, my mouth started watering.  I loved peanut butter cups.  But, if you look at all the nasty ingredients they put in the mainstream brand, it will make you lose your appetite.  Anyway, these are organic and, oh, so tasty.  I know this sounds weird, but they taste clean.  The chocolate tastes like real chocolate and the peanut butter center is pure heaven.  After you eat one of these, you will never go back to the nasty ones that come in an orange package.
Just look at how pretty they are:
The white cups make you feel like you are doing something good.  If you are going to eat candy, make it these.  I will have to make these my weekly treat. I am hooked!
Anyway, while I was in Hot Springs I was looking for John David a new pair of athletic shoes.  He has a pair that goes with brown-ish clothes, but I bought him some really cute black and gray shirts.  And you know me, you can’t wear the wrong color shoes.  I bought him these beauties:
Kind of plain, but I think they will work well for the winter.
After I got home, I grilled some chicken breast and we watched the Hogs beat the Dogs of Mississippi State.  It was lovely.  Next weekend we play LSWho in Baton Rouge, the day after Thanksgiving.  It will be a hard, hard game, but I think we can win.  If we win out we have a legitimate chance at the National Championship game.  I will shut up about football now.  I realize that most of readers don’t give a flip about football, so I will hush and just advise you to cheer really loud for the Razorbacks come Friday.  Remember, LSU fans smell like corn dogs, but you should never say it to their faces.

What do you think?