Our Newest Addition…

>Let me introduce Susan the Ball Python to everyone.

Aaron got this beautiful snake for the boys and I am just thrilled (can you detect a little sarcasm).  I am not afraid of snakes, but I would rather not have Susan slither on me.  I will feed her and clean up after her, but I will not have her on me for extended periods, that is Willow’s job.

I almost forgot these two little beauties…  The black one, Bucky, is the male and the white one, Mary, is the female.  In about two months we won’t have to buy food for Susan anymore.

I am trying to come to terms with these lovely animals.  
I know it is good for kids to be around a diverse animal population and have pets to learn responsibility, but I just figured Evan was learning from Lady Gaga (his goat) and John David could get a goat when he was older. I mean, a goat is a more normal pet than a snake right?

What do you think?