New Breakthrough Peel

>I am pretty excited to announce that I will be doing a review for

My skin isn’t horribly bad, and I can make it look close to perfect with a few make up tricks, but I would love, love, LOVE to not have to wear a layer of concealer under my powder.  I have oily skin and, during certain hormonal times, I break out.  I also have huge pores on my cheeks that make me sad.  I have a few  discolorations on my cheeks and chin due to old acne scars that I would love to bid adieu.
I will be reviewing the all new Fusion Skin Peels.  Basically, it should solve all my problems.  Stay tuned for before and after pictures, especially of my problem areas.
I will be receiving this wonderful sample to review from through a promotion on

What do you think?