My First Real Sewing Project

>On my days off I decided to sew Willow a pair of pajamas.  If you buy them from a store they usually run from $20-$25 and may or may not fit correctly.  So, I decided to make a pair or two.

I used a super easy pattern from Simplicity (3939) and jumped in.  I can sew, but I have not sewn in years, so it was kind of like starting over.  I read every word of the directions and then actually followed them, lol.

I like the way they turned out, but they are just a little big.  I used a lighter fabric for the first pair, so I will just save these until she gets a little bigger.  Perfect for spring wear.

Did you notice how the white stripe that goes across her shoulders and down her front legs is almost continuos.  Those are two separate pieces of material and it was very hard to do that.  Next time, there will be no stripes in the fabric I pick out because I am way too OCD to stare at uneven stripes!

What do you think?