Memorable Messy Thursday

>Ah, what a messy, yucky, turned out to be lovely day…

Aaron left for work at the crack of dawn and I woke up on time, so far, so good.  Evan woke up on his own and, as always, turned on Phineas and Ferb.  I made him breakfast (he requested Toaster Strudel) and a big glass of milk.  Yummy.

After eating almost all of it, he told me his “head hurt on the inside” and needed some “headache medicine.”  I gave him a dose of Tylenol and went about our morning routine.  John David was his normal sweet morning self and everything was still going smoothly.  I dropped Evan off at school, left John David at his baby sitter’s, and then headed back to the school for the Book Fair!

Evan was super excited and had a few cute books picked out, so I made sure I had a twenty dollar bill and that I was there on time to shop with him.  Books are good for kids, ya know.

Evan wasn’t with his classmates when they headed down to the library. Hum, I walked down to his class and his teacher told me that she had sent him to the nurse’s office because he had his head down and didn’t look well.  She walked me down the hall toward the office and that’s when things got messy.

As we rounded the corner, Evan was standing in the office, in cartoon-like fashion, with a three foot stream of projectile vomit (a pretty pink mixture of strawberry Toaster Strudel and milk) shooting out of his mouth across the office.

In an instant, his teacher, his nurse, his principle, his counselor, and a few other parents ALL TURNED AND LOOKED AT ME!!!

Oh no, they expect me to do something.

Oh no, I am fixing to puke.

Oh please Dear, Sweet Jesus, please keep me from puking.  Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. Ok, I can do this…

Good gravy train, it was all down his pants!  I swear he didn’t eat that much.  It must of multiplied.  I wiped some of the big chunks off and we walked out to the car.  I slipped his pants off after he got into the car and he rode home pant-less.  Thank God we only live a mile from the school!

I know, now you are wondering how the day turned out lovely.  Well, I got to spend the rest of the day on the couch with my Evan.  My big boy needed me again and that felt soooooooo good.

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