Making fun of LSWho Fans

>Making fun of LSWho fans is so easy.  I mean, they are from Louisiana, what more do you have to say.

This week the Razorbacks are playing in Baton Rouge against the number 1 team in the nation.  Yes, it will be hard, but we can win.  I predict the score as Arkansas 28 – LSWho 16.  That is my final answer.

There is an old saying that goes around and is my basic comeback for any insult that an LSWho fan comes at me with: You smell like a corn dog.

I know, you are thinking what? A corn dog?

Yes, a corn dog:

Here is one account of the story from  Awesome I know.
Also, here is a lovely video.  Watch it till the end, you will love how Jed skins his big catch and then eats it right on the bank.  A perfect depiction of LSWho fans…

Arkansas and LSU Game from Flathead2020 on Vimeo


What do you think?