Lazy Wednesday!


I hope you got more accomplished than I did today…
Evan woke up at 3:30 am complaining of his head hurting and not feeling well.  He started puking about 7 and didn’t stop until I got some Phenergan down him at about 9.  He was running a fever, so I know that this was not migraine related.  He just had a stomach bug.  After he woke up at 2, he was feeling a lot better other than the fever.  He loves this little bear that you put in the freezer, so he wanted it to make his head cool off.  I was fighting fever, Rambo style.
During all the clean up, I also altered Willow’s pajama pattern and made her a smaller size.  She love, love, loves them.  I made them out of a sweat shirt material and they are so warm and cozy.
Aaron also came home from the deer woods and brought me two deer and some Burle’s Beef Jerky.  I love that stuff, but the store is way out of the way in a little rural town and it is $27 per pound.  Yes, you read that right, $27 per one pound of beef jerky, but it is sooooo good.
Well, Willow wants me to get off here and Twitter and take her to bed, so I guess I need to put my lovely daughter to bed

What do you think?