Monday Yuckers

>I have been in a funk all day. I stayed up past 10 last night and I forgot my breakfast this morning. I got the shakes around 9am, so I broke open my tuna fish that was supposed to be for my lunch. Yummy breakfast…

After that, I had two tests and then a killer worksheet to work on for Organic. That pretty much zapped all my energy and my sad tuna fish breakfast.

I just wanted to go home and lay in the bed with the boys and watch a movie, but Evan wanted to puke instead. Yippee!

This is twice in two weeks. Aaron is going to take him to the doctor tomorrow. We don’t think it is normal that his head hurts so bad he throws up. Do you?

Anyway. I am seriously ready to go to bed, but I need to go clean up some more puke…

What do you think?