How To Replace a Jean Button Quick and Cheap

>We all have a favorite pair of jeans that make us look good in all the right places. They are your go to pair of jeans when you need a boost in your confidence and turn a few heads.

What if just before you are going to walk out the door, the button blows out. What do you do?

Go get:
a hammer
a nail
1 penny
a sewing needle
and 1 foot of dental floss

Take the penny and very carefully use the hammer and nail to punch button holes in the penny. Be nice to Abe and try not to punch them in his face/head.

Then position the penny in a strong part of the jeans, kind of offset from where the old button was, and sew it into place with the dental floss and sewing needle.

I know what your thinking: Dental floss? Yes, dental floss. It is waaay stronger than regular thread and also smells minty fresh, win/win!

What do you think?