Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope you have had a super happy Thanksgiving with your family today! I hope you are feeling so fat right now that you are miserable and happy!
Aaron had to work today, so I took the boys down to the hospital to eat Thanksgiving lunch with him.  It was your basic cafeteria style turkey and dressing.  I also ate a piece of pie.  Yes, I was feeling daringly festive.
After we left the hospital, we ran into Walmart because I needed some power steering fluid for my old car.  Do you know that there were already people walking around taking pictures of the wrapped up Black Friday sale items.  One lady was literally drawing a map for herself.  Wow, I am doing all my shopping online tomorrow while watching the football game from the comfort of my house with my house pants on.  There is nothing that would get me out tomorrow with two young boys while Aaron is at work tomorrow.
After I got back to my parents house, my mom was cleaning and we started talking about glasses she wanted to get.  She has a pair of red ones now and she is planning on getting some blue ones.  My Mom is getting wild in her older years.
For some reason, she has kept almost every pair of glasses she has every had, and she whipped these bad boys out.
My Mom wore these in the 80s.  WOW! If I ever need to dress up like a super dork, I have my glasses.

I also found her glasses from the 70s.  I must say these are the sexiest glasses ever.  I just ooze hippie chic.
It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving if I didn’t say I was thankful for something.  I am thankful for every single thing that I have ever experienced, good and bad, because they have made me the person I am today and I love me right now.
I challenge you to have an attitude of gratitude every single day for the next year.  You will never find happiness until you are thankful for what you already have!

What do you think?