Happy Halloween!

>Woah, we went to Henderson State University’s Henderson Halloween celebration.  Basically, you walk through their Student Center and get candy from all the clubs…

The idea was great, a lot of people were there, and the line was SOOOO long.  Most of us nice, normal, people waited like we were supposed to, but you know there are always a few that spoil it.  There were adults cutting in line with their kids!

Really?  Really!?!

And we wonder what is wrong with kids these days… They are watching and learning from their parents. How can we expect better from them when they learn that cheating is the right thing to from their parents!

Anyway, I shall now get off my soap box and finish this post about our Halloween.

As you can see my kids went as ghosts.  I had this elaborate costume planned with tulle and cheese cloth, but as I was putting it all on them in the parking lot, Aaron said they looked like fairies.  Well, poop.

And also, a word of advice, when making ghost costumes with hoods, be very careful not to make little KKK members.  Needless to say, we took the hoods off, but oh well, I tried.

I was also a good mother and put the kids to bed early so they would get a little extra rest after all the excitement.  Yeah right, I just wanted to pick my favorite candy out, before they scarfed it down:


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