Funny Friday

>This morning was so abnormal all you can do is look back and laugh.

First, after Evan’s puking incident yesterday morning, he is convinced that Toaster Strudels are poisonous, so he wanted something different for breakfast. Of course he wanted the only thing that we didn’t have in the fridge, so he asked for Ramen Noodles. I caved.

You know it is bad when you catch yourself doing something you swore you would never do. He ate every single bite, so I guess it wasn’t that big of a mom failure.

Second huge funny was as Evan was walking away from me at school. I noticed he had put his pants on BACKWARDS! I calmly called him over and walked in the building with him. At first, I was going to go in the bathroom with him, but I realized I can’t do that at the school, so we resorted to the nurse’s station.

His vomit stain was still on the floor (yuck). I managed to switch him around in about 30 seconds flat and send him to class with a major embarrassing crisis avoided.

I don’t think he would have been embarrassed, but I would have looked like an awful, horrible mother if he would have made it into school with backwards pants. Whew.

What do you think?