First Thanksgiving of 2011

>After church we went over to Aaron’s Mom’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving.  I was so awesome that I forgot to take any pictures.  Ugh.  Oh well, we all know what we look like.

We had the normal food and all the normal family members were there.  We are a no drama family, so it was pretty fun.

Afterwards, Aaron left for the deer woods with one of his buddies and will not return until Wednesday and the boys stayed at Aaron’s Mom’s.  I was supposed to go home and study, but all I did was lay on the bed in the complete silence.  It sounded so lovely.

Willow and I just laid there.  The BCS Standings came out at 7:15 on ESPN and the Razorbacks moved up to number 3!  That is so magically wonderful.  We play the number 1 team in the country on Friday.  It is a very, very, very big game.  Look forward to some funny things making fun of LSWho fans tomorrow!

What do you think?