End of the Week Recap


Hey, guess what.  IT IS FRIDAY!
Ahhh, my week has ended quite well.  Yesterday I got my hair did and I also bought the most ridiculously large pair of sunglasses I could find.  I sat on my aviators the other day and now they are lopsided and out of commission.  I am pretty sad about that, but I mean, these things are huge and they were only $10.  If I smash these, not only will Aaron be happy, but I will only be out ten bucks
Last night I also got to attend my first Twitter Party.  It was pretty neat.  The SITS Girls hosted the party and we discussed the Clorox Bleach It Away campaign.  Basically, you submit a “messy” moment and the most awesome one wins.  You should go vote for mine.  The neatest thing about the whole party was that we used Tweet Grid.  That is cool.  When I get to be a big time blogger with thousands of screaming fans, that is what I will use.
Today (Friday) was super boring in a good, fun way.  I am now sitting in my completely silent house waiting on Aaron to get home from work.  The children are safely tucked away at the grandparent’s for the weekend and I am going to drink a beverage and just, plain, relax.
Tomorrow, I need to clean my house (at least part of it) and I am going to the Battle of the Ravine with some of my college friends.  I am still trying to talk Aaron into going, but I seriously doubt he will.  He always likes to watch his goats on Saturday…

What do you think?