Tizzy of a Tuesday

>This morning after I dropped the boys off I ran 2.69 miles in thirty minutes.  I know, it isn’t great, but at least I am moving.

I had Organic lab this afternoon, so Aaron picked up the boys for me and watched them until 6 so I could stay up at school and study.  He worked hard today around the farm clearing brush.  His arms look like he got into a fight with a tom cat, but the farm is really starting to look good.  I hope no one at work thinks he was too wild on his days off, lol.
I have a quiz tomorrow and I feel a little overwhelmed about it.  I have been studying, but I swear I have the worst test anxiety.  Grrr.
John David has been really testy today.  His favorite new word is, “No.” Awesome.  I swear that child is going to be the death of me.  Evan also got in trouble at school today for screaming.  He said he was making ostrich sounds, and then demonstrated.  Really? Ostrich?
This has been the most random post ever, but I guess that is why today was such a tizzy.  Sometimes I am not sure which way is up at my house.  Between marriage, children, cleaning, school work, and laundry I am not sure what I am supposed to do next.  I think I will just go to bed and try to do better tomorrow 🙂

What do you think?