Things We Do For Loved Ones

>My Dad did a lot of work on my car this past weekend, so for payment he asked me to cut my Opa’s toenails.  My Oma has done it since he broke his hip a few years back, but since she was diagnosed with cancer a few months back, it has gone undone.  Opa does not complain about anything, seriously, nothing.  And when he told my Dad that his toes were hurting when he walked, I knew the situation was going to be intense.

OH MY!  I could have never been prepared for what I saw when he took his socks off.  Let’s just say, it took me a little over two hours to get them to a respectable length.  I couldn’t cut them too short because I didn’t want to uncover new skin and make them sorer than they already were, so, yeah, they were bad.

Another reason I got nominated to do this job is because I love feet.  I am not a toe licker or anything, but I like them.  I cut my husbands toe nails and I remember as a kid, cutting my dads.  I know I am weird.

I feel blessed to still have my Opa around.  He is my last living grandparent and we now have a date, every two weeks, for the rest of his life.

For what it is worth, if you soak your feet in warm water and apple cider vinegar (any vinegar will work, apple cider just smells better) it will soften dead skin, thick nails, and kill germs.  Learned that from my Oma.

What do you think?