Our Very First Parent Teacher Conference

>So 9 weeks of awesome kindergarten have flown by. Wow, doesn’t seem like we have been in school that long. Evan’s teacher said he was doing great, but her biggest problem is that sometimes he just doesn’t want to do his work, so he just takes his time. Sounds passive aggressive on Evan’s part. She said he is real bright and she can’t see him having any troubles the rest of year. Well, duh. He is the smartest kindergartner ever.

I have two tests tomorrow and I haven’t studied as much as I should have. My classes require about 2 hours of studying a night for each of them, and I just haven’t been very dedicated the past few weeks.

This sounds awful, but I want everyone to pray God gives me a photographic memory and makes my kids be super good tonight so I can cram. Maybe God will provide a miracle and everything I study will be on the test!

What do you think?