King for the day

>My Thursday was pretty good, how was yours? I get to stay at home on Thursday’s and catch up on my studies and do a little house work. Today was all studying and no house work. Glad Aaron understands and doesn’t mind a few dirty dishes.

I ran 3.02 miles in 30 minutes this morning, that was pretty nice. I also decided to start my diet again. I would like to lose 10 pounds. I know, I know, everyone wants to lose 10 pounds. I am happy with the way I look right now, but hey, I could always look better, right?

There is a feature on our local news channel about children that are in foster care that need adoptive parents and every week I cry when I watch. This week, if we had the room I would scoop this family of children up and call them mine. It was 3 girls and a boy and all of their names started with H. If God blesses me with the way, I will become an adoptive parent. Aaron had a dream one time about me running a foster home for girls. That would be AWESOME.

The boys have been pretty good. John David has been wild, but what is new. Evan on the other hand, was King for the day. He was so proud of his crown.

What do you think?