My Oma

>My Oma (grandmother) passed away this morning.  She was 82.  We all knew it was coming, she was diagnosed with lung cancer a little over a month ago and it has progressed very quickly.

She was a spunky old lady.  Aaron says I act just like her and I haven’t decided if that is a compliment.  I have realized that I look just like her, so I might as well act like her too.  She was a hard working lady and lived very simply.  I have grown to appreciate as I have gotten older, but when I was younger I just didn’t understand.

Here is a picture of my Oma and Opa when my dad was a baby:

And here is Oma holding John David just two years ago:

Wow, I look like Oma and John David looks like my dad.  Silly.  Death is always sad, but she is no longer suffering and Opa is moving in with my parents, so it is all working out.

What do you think?