Jesus is Enough

>Happy Sunday!  This morning’s service at church was about being present in your family.  Not just being there physically, but actually being there emotionally.  Just like every wife and parent, I want to be “there” for my family, but I fail a lot.  When I have to study I put my kids in front of Netflix.  I am also guilty of telling Evan to go and play his DS.  I know that this is a short term sacrifice, I only have another 1.5 years of school left and in the long run this sacrifice is worth it, but I still feel guilty.  I wish God would allow me to have a photographic memory.  Like, if I saw it only once it would stick in my brain like glue.  A girl can dream…

I try really hard to keep spiritually fit for my family, I lift them up every morning and night, but that doesn’t mean a stinking thing if I neglect them in between.  I know God with help me with this.  As PG said, Jesus is enough.


  1. http://daveficken says

    >I love this! Thanks for sharing how you are practically applying God’s Word to your life!

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