Help! What Do I Do?!?!

>Background:  Evan was a wonderful little child.  He never threw fits, he never screamed.  He was absolutely a perfect toddler.  John David on the other hand…  He has a temper.  I never know when it will strike and most of the time I do not know why it has decided to rear it’s ugly head.

This lovely afternoon, I was shopping at Walmart with my Mother, Cassie, Evan, and John David.  We just ran into the store to get a few things, but about ten minutes into the shopping John David got pissed.  I have no idea what went wrong.  He just started screaming.  I tried to talk to him in a clam voice, but that just made it worse.  He wasn’t hurting, he wasn’t hungry, he wasn’t thirsty, but he was mad and by God we were all going to suffer with him.  After trying to calm him down, I gave up and just ignored him.

We continued shopping (thank God we only had three more things to get) and exited the store.  EVERYONE was staring at us.  I was mortified, but I kept a straight face and walked out.  I did not react or give in.  I thought that was what you are supposed to do when kids started throwing tantrums…

Then we got into my Mom’s van and this is what continued:

The video lasts six minutes, but you will get the idea after about 20 seconds.

Seriously, I need help with this.  I have no idea what to do.  I have been praying over him every night, and before I take him anywhere in public.  Sometimes I have no problems for weeks, but then: BAM screaming baby appears out of the blue…

Suggestions? Comments? Please help.

What do you think?