Halloween Ideas

>Well, I finally asked Evan what he wanted to be for Halloween (because I plan ahead).  He said that him and John David both wanted to be ghosts.  I guess John David doesn’t really care yet, so by executive order, he will be a ghost too…

When he said ghost, I was like, AWESOME!  White sheet over head, cut out hole for eyes, done. Easy!  But then I realized that all the other parents would talk about how poor of a mother I was behind my back, so I am actually going to make them a costume.  I can sew, don’t be so shocked.

I started brain storming about all the cute little things I could do and they all turned out a little girly in my mind, so back to the beginning.  Maybe I will do a happy ghost and a mean ghost.  Guess who is going to be the mean one…

Just kidding, I am going to do a combo between these:

I may even throw a ghost costume for Willow together.  Who knows what will happen once I get going!

What do you think?