God’s Will, I Think…

>In a search for God’s will there are many “voices” we think we hear.

You know what I mean.  We pray, “God show me your will.” And then we quickly think/talk over what God is really trying to say to us.

It is so easy to do, I am guilty of it all the time.  I have started to do something and I don’t know if it is right, but I seem to be hearing less and less of what I think I need.

I have started praying not for God to tell me his will, but for Him to change my will to match His.  I hope this is the right thing to do.  I have noticed that on a few things, my attitude has changed completely, but a few others have only changed slightly.

I have made some horrible decisions in my life and I don’t to make them again.  I want to do what is right and I hope God understands that.  I still make mistakes and I still do things that are wrong, but I pray everyday for God to help me change and match His will.

How do you deal with this?


  1. http://Tracie says

    >Matt and I have desired to have another child since we were married… we would always pray "Lord give us a child"… then add a small "if it's your will", which really meant.. I'm just saying that to make me SOUND like I care, but really — I want a child no matter what you have in store. After 10 miscarriages, a very humbleing experience… our prayer has changed to "We want a child – but if this is not your plan for you to fill this void somehow — then take the desire away"… We can get so caught up in what WE want and forget what GOD wants… knowing that God will never withhold anything good from us (of course forgot the verse, but I WILL find it for you) has reminded me that only HE knows what is good & right for our lives.

What do you think?