>Today I ran 2.66 miles in 30 minutes.  That time is a lot better than I have been posting, but still not good enough.  I run again on Thursday, so we will see how it goes.

We met with Evan’s teacher today to see how he was doing and to see if we needed to intervene with any behavior issues.  She said Evan was a normal little boy and that he was really smart.  We knew that part, but it sounded nice to hear it from her.  Having a child in school is horribly stressful.  If they act crazy it makes you look bad.  I try to pray for him every day that he will be a good student and an all around good boy.

My lab was good today.  But I felt so miscombobulated.  I knew what I was doing, but I just felt really short tempered.  I knew it was best to just keep my mouth shut, complete my work, and get home.  Ahhhhh hormones.

What do you think?